body cleansers
body lotions
hand soaps
hand creams

friends do it.
work colleagues do it.
even bank managers do it, prior
to refusing you a loan. yes, it’s the most
famous greeting in the world and it’s the
kiss. no, it’s not. who on earth is your bank
manager? it is, in fact, the handshake. keep
your shaking gear clean (from the tips of your
fingers ‘Way Down’ to the start of your wrists)
with this paraben and rhinestone free liquid
soap. ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the
bathroom. but not before throughly washing
his hands, tipping the cloakroom
attendant and checking that his
flies are done up.

because it contains grapefruit
and mandarin to leave skin
refreshed and nourished.

keep hands germ free
by using every time
you visit the bathroom.