body cleansers
body lotions
hand soaps
hand creams

i’m a bottle of
hygienic, liquid soap. as such,
i’m used to being manhandled
(and womanhandled). go ahead and
pump my nozzle (not a euphemism for
anything). i won’t slap your face, accuse you
of sexual harassment or threaten you with
employment tribunal proceedings. instead, i’ll
leave your mitts fresh and clean. what you then
choose to do with them is none of my business.
gardening, scrubbing toilets, picking up litter,
embalming dead bodies, laundering dirty
money. i don’t care, just as long as
you come back soon and get your
filthy hands on me all
over again.

because it contains
passionfruit to
leave skin cleansed
and conditioned.

foam up
in your hands to leave
them clean
and fresh.